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Dana Collette, Retired Professor at Vancouver Island University

Dana Collette's Bio:

Dana Collette is a retired Canadian business law professor at Vancouver Island University (VIU) in British Columbia. Dana began working at the island university in 2002 and taught on a variety of topics including: Commercial Law, Negotiations, Business-Government Relations, and Principles of Management. She has also taught Introduction to Criminal Law, Computer Law, Computers & Society, and Law & Technology.   A resident of the beautiful west coast province most of her life, Dana earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Victoria (UVic) in 1999. After earning her BA, Dana went on to receive her Juris Doctor from the UVic Law School in 2003, and qualified that same year for her Real Estate License from the University of British Columbia.    At the end of Dana’s legal studies at UVic law school, Dana competed a term as a legal aid advocate at the Law Centre, for which she was awarded the 2003 Faculty of Law Award for Excellence in Community Law.   Dana practiced real estate for DFH Real Estate Ltd. in Victoria from 2003 to 2005. During that time and following, she also worked in the area of privacy law, accepting several opportunities for contract work with the B.C. provincial public sector, including at the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and the government ministry responsible for privacy and access legislation.    In 2002, Dana began her career as a post-secondary instructor, teaching Computers & Society on a part-time basis at VIU, and then also at UVic. In 2006 Dana accepted a full time teaching position at VIU, where she continues her more than 14 year long career as a post-secondary educator inspiring the next generation of future leaders.   In addition to her work in academia, Dana has over 20 years’ experience in management and marketing in the private and public sectors. She is also versed on administrative, interpersonal, public speaking and group facilitation skills.    Dana is fluent in Spanish and has previously worked as an interpreter.   Dana Collette contributed in the creation of the Canadian Academy of Legal Studies in Business, a national organization for Canadian business law teachers. Dana had been compiling a list of business law teachers in western Canada that later helped promote and establish  the Canadian Academy of Legal Studies in Business.   Outside of her professional work, Dana is passionate about home design, interior decorating and photography.   Dana Collette is also enthusiastic about the outdoors and participates in a number of outdoor activities. One of her favourite activities is kayaking, a sport Dana has participated in for more than 20 years.  Dana also enjoys hiking and walking the many trails in the Central Vancouver Island area.   In the city, you can find Dana working on her martial arts skills.  She has studied Goju Ryu, Taekwondo and two styles of Kenpo. Dana especially likes the physical discipline and self-defense skills associated with martial arts training.   In her spare time Dana is an avid nonfiction reader who especially enjoys books about fostering a healthy lifestyle.

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Paddle boarding, traveling, martial arts, kayaking, hiking, cooking, gardening

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